We have significant experience in fluid technology and air movement and offer the following services:
Process Survey and Optimisation
Energy, mass and flow balances
 Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams
Process Calculations
Process Modelling
Process Equipment Specifications and Selection
Plant layout
Equipment Schedules etc.
Feasibility Studies

The Company has completed design and build projects in the following areas:
Condensate Recovery and Boiler Feed systems
Paper Machine Vacuum systems
Pulping and Refining systems
Fume Extraction
Dust Extraction
Pharmaceutical Tank design to BS5500
Effluent treatment.
Chemical dosing, mixing and distribution.
 Sludge handling and pumping.

Clients have seen significant benefits from our expertise including increased production and output, through to increased reliability and increased MTBF. Other benefits have included reduced raw material usage and energy reduction.